Photogrammetry tutorial 6: building a model from the photos


We’ve been through the details on how to take photos for photogrammetry (parts 1, 2, 3, 4, 5), now it is time to talk about the next step: how to actually get a program to build a model for you.

For all those who wonder why there are no pics in this post – patience, young Palaeowan! There will very soon be a paper out that has all the info and pics you need, and that’s all I will say now 🙂

There are plenty of photogrammetry programs out there (see this overview, somewhat incomplete, on wikipedia), some of them for free, some of them looks like they cost nothing, and some that cost money.

Why do I say some ‘look like they cost nothing’? Because some cloud-based programs actually do not cost money, but want the copyright to your models, and some even…

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